• 10のスキー場から構成 日本最大のスノーリゾート

HAKUBA VALLEY is located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture at the base of Japan’s Northern Alps.
As a result of hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics, every winter Japanese visitors and international guests visit Hakuba Valley to enjoy world-class snow sport facilities.
The Northern Alps reach an elevation of 3,000 meters, and the 10 alpine resorts in the area consistently receive heavy snowfall with deep powder covering the area for long periods.
Beginners need not worry, they too can enjoy themselves on the gentle groomed runs found at all resorts.
Take your time and cruise leisurely down runs up to 8km long.
With beginner and intermediate slopes, terrain parks, moguls, and steep vertical there is something for every level of snow sports enthusiast in the Hakuba Valley.

Hakuba Valley snow resorts

AREA rules

HAKUBA rules are official rules in Hakuba area created for you to enjoy winter sports safely.
Please do not hesitate to contact for further information.

OTARI rules

can be used in any snow resorts in HAKUBA VALLEY

A common ticket and gate system has been launched this season connecting the 10 snow resorts of Hakuba Valley.
7 of the main snow resorts have installed the new gates and an all mountain pass can be purchased to access the gates directly.
With this new common system the Hakuba Valley Ticket or All Mountain Season Pass allows our guests to go directly to the lift gate.
No more queuing in front of the ticket window.
*Ticket exchange at a designated counter is required at Jiigatake, Kashimayari and Sanosaka.


In 2012 The Mountain Collective formed with 4 resorts, a group carefully selected according to scale, global resort standard as well as resorts status.
Now 11 resorts participate in The Mountain Collective.
The area specifications include 350 lifts and over 1900 courses making it one of the largest snow resorts in the world.

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  • What is the new ticket and gate system in Hakuba Valley?


    Ticket and gate system has been upgraded the technology now providing an RFID keycard (lift pass) and you have direct access to the common gate system at the ski resort except three resorts.
    Ticket exchange at a designated counter is required at Hakuba Sanosaka, Jiigatake and Kashimayari.

  • How do I use my RFID keycard?


    The keycard registers when you pass through the lift ticket gates.
    Place the keycard inside the left hand pocket of your ski jacket and when passing through the gate run this section of your clothing up close to the sensor on the lift ticket gate in order for it to register and open the gate for you.
    The lift ticket should be in a pocket on its own.
    Mobile phones, keys and other objects in the same pocket may be the reason why the pass is not registering should you find it is not working or possibly it is buried too deeply inside your clothing.
    ※It is not advisable to keep the keycard in the glove as they can be bent easily if the customer falls.
    Bent cards can malfunction and also can`t be returned at return machines or reused at the card printers.

  • Does the keycard require a deposit or non-refundable deposit to pay in advance?


    Hakuba Valley all mountain pass does not require a deposit. 
    ※Individual ski area lift pass e.g. Goryu, Hakuba47 and Cortina require a deposit.

  • What is MyHakuba Pass?


    You can purchase a reusable keycard called MyHakuba Pass on 20th December 2016 and can recharge your keycard online by purchasing the available ticket options from the web shop.
    Once you charge MyHakuba Pass, you may proceed directly to the ticket gate without purchasing at the window.

  • Can I recharge my lift pass using my smart phone?


    You can purchase and charge via the web shop using most terminals.
    First you can make an account on the website and then purchase/recharge you pass as a member.
    Auto charge is not supported you must recharge your ski pass online.
    A ski pass can be recharged over the web shop, also via smartphone.
    Once you have created a web shop profile you then need to register the UID (unique number on the back of the ski ticket.)
    You can then charge skiing days (or other available products from the web shop) onto your card.
    However, for security reasons it is necessary to enter the credit card every time you charge your skiing ticket (no auto-charge).

  • I have lost my card. What can I do?


    Caution! Lost tickets cannot be reissued.

about lift ticket of each resort

  • Is a deposit necessary?


    In the following snow resorts, 500yen is necessary as a deposit, but if you return the lift ticket after skiing and snowboarding, that will be refunded.
    (The machines for automatic return are in Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort and Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park)
    ・Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort
    ・Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park
    ・Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort

  • I want to return my card, but the ticket office is already closed.


    You can be refunded at the machine for automatic return in Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort and Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park.
    In Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort please come to ticket counter within the business hours or come and return the ticket at the front desk of Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba

    explanatory notes
    You can request a refund only in the ski resort that you purchased the ticket.

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