• 10のスキー場から構成 日本最大のスノーリゾート
利便性が更に向上!!「ハクババレーチケット」チャージで便利! BUY ONCE,YOURS FOREVER

If you take the lift ticket(IC card) you bought,
access to the web page for charging lift ticket on the web shop
and register the card number and buyer information and complete the settlement ,
In the resort that automatic ticket examination system is introduced ,
One can get on the lift even if you do not have to drop in at the ticket center on the use day.


※For language selection, click [言語選択 日本語 ▽] and select [English].

※ Since the web-shop system itself is still in work-in-process, you may find some weird points especially at English page.
 Specifically, please read the instruction below;,
1. You may be required to fill your name in Kanji and Kana…
 Please neglect the direction and write your last name and first name in English twice
2. You may not be able to choose the country and state at the address page…
 Please choose Japan and any prefecture,
 and type in your country and state at other space

※After using the lift ticket you have, one can charge one lift ticket to the one IC card.

※After about 30 minutes from charging, IC lift ticket will be available.
 Mail for purchase check will be sent to E-mail address you registered at about same time.

※When you through the automatic ticket examination system at the first time,IC lift ticket is charged.
 However, charging is not available in Jiigatake Snow Resort , Kashimayari Snow Resort and Hakuba Sanosaka Snow Resort,
 please use from the resorts that the automatic ticket examination system is introduced.

※On the case of purchase for family, once representative log in to purchase tickets at once.
 In that case, the representative is demanded E-mail address for registration and credit card for settlement.

※In the use of PC made in Apple Inc. some OS or Browsers in versions is the purchase unavailable.

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