• 10のスキー場から構成 日本最大のスノーリゾート

If you take the lift ticket(IC card) you bought, 
access to the web page for charging lift ticket on the web shop 
and register the card number and buyer information and complete the settlement ,
In the resort that automatic ticket examination system is introduced ,
One can get on the lift even if you do not have to drop in at the ticket center on the use day.


※For language selection, click [Choose language ▽] and select [English].

※Credit card or "PayPal" is available for the settlement. (What is“PayPal”Click here)

※You can charge one new lift ticket information to an IC card after using the prior ticket.

※IC lift ticket will be available after ~30minutes from charging.
  Confirmation mail will be sent to your E-mail address at the same time.

※Your purchase information will be written onto your IC card when you go through the lift gate.
 Due to our system constraints, please use your web-charged IC ticket first in the resorts
 other than Jiigatake Snow Resort and Kashimayari Snow Resort.

※A bus ride before activation of the lift ticket will incur the fare according to the bus route. 

※You can purchase multiple tickets at the same time with one ID if you have multiple IC cards.

※You may not be able to purchase the tickets through some version of Mac OS.