Hakuba Valley Green Season

Hakuba Valley Green Season
Hakuba Valley Green Season



Hakuba47 Mountain Sports Park

Hakuba47 マウンテンスポーツパーク Hakuba 47 Mountain Sport Park

The base, alpine, and water activity areas feature all sorts of facilties for a wide range of activies, including fishing, athletics, and barbecues. There are also attractions that can be enjoyed during rainy days.


ベースエリア Base Area

Base Area

The Base Area features a wide array of facilities including bungee trampolines, climbing walls, a mini steam locomotive, and a kids’ land. Those who crave a snack can endulge in classic BBQ or a delicious signature pizza.

アルパインアドベンチャー Alpine Adventure

Alpine Adventure

Located in the alpine area, Alpine Adventure offers a new kind of athletics at an affordable price. For young children, there are treehouses and a forest adventure park.

マウンテンバイクパーク Mountain Bike Park

Mountain Bike Park

A mountain bike park for children and adults alike is the newest feature of the base area. It covers a wide range of terrain including mountains, valleys, and banks. Mountain bike rentals are available, making the area accessible to all.

Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Bike Park

白馬岩岳MTB PARK Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Bike Park

A total of six courses are featured across the summit and foot of Hakuba Iwatake, suitable for riders of all skill levels. Beginner and advanced riders alike can experience the thrill of riding through breathtaking nature. Riding down the mountain, a spectacular view of Iwatake opens up in front of you.


初級者向けコース Beginner Courses

Beginner Courses

Undulating, beginner-friendly flow trail courses let riders have full control over speed. The 6,900 m-long downhill course and the course that circles the summit are excellent for cruising and perfect for your first mountain bike experience.

MTB ツアー/レンタル MTB Tours and Rentals

MTB Tours and Rentals

A mountain bike guide will show you the best places in Hakuba Village. Rental items such as gloves and protective gear are also available, so even if you come empty-handed, you can still experience the joy of mountain biking.

e-MTB(電動アシストマウンテンバイク Electric-assist mountain bikes)

E-MTB(Electric-assist mountain bikes)

Uphill biking has never been easier! Electric-assist mountain bikes (e-MTB) are perfect for those who want to amplify their pedal power, and get faster access to awesome trails. Great for all ages, try out an e-MTB at the exclusive mountaintop e-MTB course!

Hakuba Tsugaike WOW!

白馬つがいけ WOW! Hakuba Tsugaike WOW!

An exciting adventure facility from France! AMIDAS, a three-layer climbing net course, is fun as well as safe for children.




An activity tower where you can experience the thrill of adventure. Grab hold of your inner tube as you fly down a 12 meter-high slide. Test your skills at KABEDAS, a climbing zone on the walls of the tower.



Take an exhilarating zipline bike ride 10 meters above a lake! At 140 meters long, this course is the first and only place in Japan for sky cycling.

Hakuba Cortina Adventure Land

白馬コルチナアドベンチャーランド Hakuba Cortina Adventure Land

A new kind of adventure course! Cortina Adventure Land offers thrilling experiences up high in the forest. Immerse yourself in nature while clearing each section! Your outdoor adventure awaits.


白馬コルチナアドベンチャーランド Hakuba Cortina Adventure Land

Strap on your safety gear and get ready for ziplines, slacklines, and more. Rest assured as staff are on hand to guide you through the courses.

白馬コルチナアドベンチャーランド Hakuba Cortina Adventure Land

Explore nearly twenty sections that will push you to challenge yourself. Great for group adventures with family and friends.

Hakuba EX Adventure

白馬EXアドベンチャー Hakuba EX Adventure

A two-course forest adventure. Complete both, and zipline to the finish! Each course will bring you a sense of accomplishment.


Hakuba Green Sports Forest


Located near a national highway, access is easy. The forest adventure’s facilities and activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a popular destination in Hakuba Village.


Hakuba Norikura Miniature Golf

白馬乗鞍パターゴルフ Hakuba Norikura Miniature Golf

The Hakuba Norikura Onsen area’s Hakuba Alps Hotel offers 18 courses with various layouts utilizing the soft hills of the snow resort to keep things exciting. Play a few rounds in the refreshing breeze!


Three Lakes of Nishina

仁科三湖 Three Lakes of Nishina

Enjoy a day by the lakeside! Visit Lake Aoki, Lake Nakatsuna, and Lake Kizaki in Omachi City, collectively known as the Three Lakes of Nishina. Lake Aoki is famous for its crystal clear water that springs from the bottom of the lake. With cherry blossoms reflected on its water, Lake Nakatsuna is popular with photographers. Lake Kizaki is famous for its outdoor activies, such as hot springs, campsites, fishing, and stand-up paddleboards. Each lake is unique in their beauty and offer a different expereince.



ラフティング Rafting

Perfect for those who want to enjoy water activities to the fullest. Let’s go through the transparent clear stream with the guide! Join a guide on a journey to discover hidden gems of the lakeside, such as a natural waterslides. Here you can slide down a natural waterslide or cross a torrent while holding a rope. Come and embark on an adventure that can only be found in the awesome outdoors.



キャニオニング Canyoning

Clear stream rafting in water that runs down from the Northern Alps when its snow thaws. It is a popular activity that lets you blend in with nature and feel the coolness of water. Relax at Himekawa River when not frozen is also highly recommmended. You are welcome to dive in to refresh your mind and body. Finally, end the day rafting by relaxing in hot springs.


Hot Air Balloon

気球 Hot Air Balloon

Would you like to start your day with the best experience? Begin the day with a balloon ride and overlook the breathtaking scenery of Hakuba Village!?



パラグライダー Paraglider

Observe Hakuba Valley from the skies by joining a tandem glider (two-seater) tour. You together with a pilot will soar the skies where you will gain a bird’s eyeview of the entire valley. It is an expereince that can only be obtained at the Northern Alps. It makes of a great opportunity to take amazing photos for a lifetime experience.


Hakuba Jumping Stadium

白馬ジャンプ競技場 Hakuba Jumping Stadium

Visit Hakuba Jump Stadium, also set to a popular Japanese TV show. Take the elevator to the top and witness the height of the starting point to gain an appreciation of the courage it takes to leap of these slopes. The Hakuba Jump Stadium, which is used as a national training center, is the training ground for local high school students and sometimes Japanese national teams! Seeing the ski jumpers soar down the slope is an amazing sight.