Hakuba Valley Green Season

Hakuba Valley Green Season
Hakuba Valley Green Season

Mountain Climbing

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The Beauty of the Alps

アルプスの魅力 The Beauty of the Alps

Mountain climbing in the Northern Japan Alps is all about the journey.
Enjoy the scenery, nature, cool winter air, and the beauty of the mountain ranges on your way to the top.
Come and experience the grand nature of Hakuba Valley.


高山植物 Alpine Plants

Alpine Plants

The Northern Japan Alps are a treasure trove of alpine plants. There are many unique species endemic to this area, which makes the mountain climbing experience all the more special.

縦走 Ridgeline Trails

Ridgeline Trails

Walking the ridgeline of a mountain range is like taking a walk in the sky. The Northern Japan Alps are the perfect place for ridgeline hiking, and you’ll even get to check some famous peaks off your list while you’re at it!

氷河・大雪渓 Glaciers and Snowy Valleys

Glaciers and Snowy Valleys

Hakuba Valley is famous for its glaciers, Kakunezato and Karamatsuzawa, which are a rarity in Japan. Here you can also visit Hakuba Daisekkei, one of Japan’s three major snowy valleys. Hakuba Daisekkei stays cool even throughout summer, serving as a natural refrigerator for the area.

山小屋 Mountain Lodges

Mountain Lodges

One of the appeals of mountain climbing in the Northern Japan Alps is the abundance of mountain lodges, including Hakuba Sanso, the largest mountain lodge in Japan. Take your time while climbing and rest assured that there will always be a lodge closeby.

100 Famous Japanese Mountains

日本百名山 100 Famous Japanese Mountains

100 Famous Japanese Mountains

鹿島槍ヶ岳 Mt. Kashimayari(2889m)

Mt. Kashimayari(2889m)

Home to one of the few glaciers in Japan, the popular Mt. Kashimayari is located in the central part of the Ushiro-Tateyama mountain range of the Northern Japan Alps. Its two peaks that rise from north to south are beautiful from any angle.

五竜岳 Mt. Goryu(2814m)

Mt. Goryu(2814m)

Popular for its accessibility via the Hakuba Goryu gondola, Mt. Goryu is known for its rough and rocky ridge that extends to the east. Here you can also enjoy beautiful autumn leaves.

白馬岳 Mt. Shirouma(2932m)

Mt. Shirouma(2932m)

This mountain is known for its abundant alpine plants, and the many flowers that grow along its trails. It is also a popular route for enjoying Hakuba Daisekkei, which spans a distance of 3.5 km.

雨飾山 Mt. Amakazari(1963m)

Mt. Amakazari(1963m)

Located on the border of Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, the 360° view from the summit of Mt. Amakazari is breathtaking. Despite a height of less than 2,000 m, it is still a very popular destination among climbers. On a clear day, you can even see the Sea of Japan!

Hakuba Yari Onsen (Hot Springs)

白馬鑓温泉 Hakuba Yari Onsen (Hot Springs)

A natural hot spring at an altitude of 2,100 m on the mountainside of Mt. Hakuba Yari.
Also known as Yamamba no Yu, this hot spring has been loved by mountaineers and hunters for a long time.
As access is difficult without serious equipment, these natural waters are a special hidden gem.


Amakazari Kogen Open Air Bath

雨飾高原 露天風呂 Amakazari Kogen Open Air Bath

An open-air bath that flows directly from the spring source, a beautiful old-growth beech forest. You’ll feel free as you enjoy the rock bath through the seasons. Spring brings a contrast of fresh foliage and remaining snow; summer brings sunlight peeking through the lush beech trees; and autumn brings changing leaves and colorful scenery.